Pumpkin Pie – Low Carb Keto Recipe

Just because you’re on a ketogenic diet doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. This keto pumpkin pie recipe actually tastes pretty close to the real thing. Especially the filling.Pumpkin is already keto-friendly, with just 12 grams of carbs and 12 grams of fiber in his entire cup of this fall flagship.

The traditional wheat pie crust is light and flaky, but it’s also rich in carbohydrates. Using an alternative keto flour results in a much more keto-friendly crust macro and a texture similar to the real thing but not exactly. !

To be honest, I don’t like pumpkin desserts. But I know there are a lot of fans of all things Pumpkin Spice! Pumpkin dessert is good, but if you want dessert I love my unsweetened chocolate (use code HEALNOURISHGROW and he gets 10% off).

This keto pumpkin pie worked so well that I might be a convert! Served with glaze . I may have to make both this Thanksgiving.

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keto pumpkin pie recipe spices

Spices are what give pumpkin pie its classic flavor. The spices are very keto friendly, especially in the amounts they use in the pies.One thing I enjoy he uses is a mortar and pestle to grind certain spices fresh. For this recipe I used whole cloves and ground them myself. Pumpkin Pie Spices For the individual spices in this keto pumpkin pie recipe.

If you’ve read my recipes before, you know what I love about Ceylon cinnamon . 

Real Ceylon cinnamon has many benefits, including blood sugar regulation.2 Antioxidant and anticoagulant properties. Fake cinnamon made from cassia contains coumarin, a toxic flavoring substance3.

sugar free pumpkin pie

Another key ingredient to making pumpkin pie keto-friendly is sweeteners. has a chemical formula like However, it has a different structure that prevents your body from processing it the same way it does sugar.

It is absorbed into the blood and excreted from the body without being used. It may even actually deprive the body of some glucose with it6 , both are pretty cool.

There are some animal studies showing that allulose actually lowers blood sugar levels. Now there are also some studies on humans with results showing the same positive benefits7 .

carbs in pumpkin pie

As written, this keto pumpkin pie has about 5 net carbs per serving. The easiest way to cut down on carbs is to cut your pie into smaller pieces. Especially whipped cream or keto-friendly ice cream A 12th or 15th of this pie is just the right size.

This pumpkin pie also allows you to reduce the amount of carbs by going crustless. Removing the crust removes about half of the net carbs and tastes like a great pumpkin custard!

keto pie crust

One thing I learned while developing this recipe is that it’s very easy for the caste to get too brown. It was delicious, but the pecans browned the cust too much, so I had to stop. Instead, I switched to the same almond flour crust that I made for my keto strawberry pie .

How to prevent keto pie crust from getting too brown

Over browning of the pie crust is also fairly common in traditional baking. Especially in pie crusts that are blind baked before filling. If it’s not stiff and you’re okay with it, you can skip that step.

I discovered that there is a very easy solution to keep your crusts from getting too brown: a pie shield ! Keeps it from getting too brown. Much more reliable than aluminum foil and can also be adjusted for different side pipe plates. If you don’t want to invest in this cheap device here’s a tutorial There is a substitute method for aluminum foil .

I’ve never really had this problem with traditional wheat crust pies or pies that don’t take that long to bake. It will be. Pumpkin filling takes 45 to 60 minutes to cook, so the crust is likely to brown even with the pie shield on.

Other Keto Pie Crust Considerations

Another option is to use a tart pan, which allows you to put the crust in without the edge of a traditional flute. Keto pumpkin pie filling is unlikely to go all the way to the top, so this method also uses a pie shell.

I have also included instructions for decorating this pie with leaves. Leaf shapes are a popular way to decorate the top of a pumpkin pie.

Keto Pumpkin Pie Recipe

One thing I would like to try in the future is to use a traditional pie plate, but omit the flute edge. soHalfway through baking, add leaf decorations (raw) all around the edges to finish baking. If you decide to do so, please let me know!

A final consideration regarding the crust. This definitely lights up some of my hardcore keto peeps.I might consider using a traditional wheat crust.If you’re not gluten sensitive and don’t mind a little higher carb count, wheat crusts will always taste better than keto crusts in my opinion. , resulting in a piece containing about 14 to 18 carbohydrates per piece.

I personally wouldn’t choose this, but keto is a lifestyle.

How to keep keto pumpkin pie from cracking

Cracking in pumpkin pie is common whether you’re making a keto version or not. Pumpkin pie ingredients are similar to custard, so the same rules apply here. Become.

To prevent the pie from cracking, remove it from the oven when the center of the pie is slightly rocked. When it cools, the mass is complete and prevents the baking sheet from cracking. You can also use a water bath to cook the pie just like you would cook a pie .

I’d like to make the center slightly wrinkled, but with this method there is a risk of undercooking. Experience comes in handy here, but when you get the nearly finished pie out, you should be able to stick a toothpick in it and pop it out about an inch from the center. So you’re really looking for a slight jiggle in the middle.

The taste doesn’t change, so cracking may not bother you as much every day. You can also repair cracks by lightly pressing the top of the pie and brushing it with sugar-free syrup or similar. Choco zero maple pecans as desired. If you use extra fabric to make fall shapes, you can also use them to hide the cracks.

If you’re looking for Instagram-worthy photos or your next general perfection tablescape , these extra precautions may need to be taken.

make a pie

The instructions for this Keto Pumpkin Pie recipe were written for the food processor I used. The only special tool you need is a pastry cutter for working with butter. This method or adding butter is like a traditional wheat pie crust. The filling is easily mixed by hand with just a spatula or spoon.

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