Best board game for the first half of 2023!

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My Selection|First half of 2023 The ban on self-restraint mode should have been lifted, but from January to June, I was still withdrawn. What is the world line with bodge? [All works can be played solo]

In the first half of the year, COVID-19 became Class 5 and the social self-restraint mode was relaxed. Oh! I thought I could go out to play, but apparently Corona and the withdrawn environment are not linked. I was looking out the bright window from inside the room and working Bodge’s solo play.

While turning a blind eye to the question of what is different from his solo best, looking back, the title from intermediate to heavy left an impression on me in the first half of 2023. I’m sad that the heavy bodge has not become better at it. It’s not going to work… While saying to myself, I have a lot of troublesome titles.

Great Western Trail 2nd Edition

The Great Western Trail, which ships cattle to Kansas and makes a fortune, is now in its second edition. Moreover, if a solo mode is added, there is no reason not to touch it. While maintaining the fun of maintaining the top BGG ranking, components such as the introduction of a double-layer board have been upgraded to improve playability.

The romance of successfully building a cow deck and running through the Wild West. The time spent worrying about the action while moving a cute cowboy piece is pure bliss. It’s convincing and interesting even if you haven’t played it in a long time. If you like action selection and deck building, you’re sure to be immersed in the hassles. It’s not a completely new game, but if you’ve never played it, it’s a masterpiece that you should definitely play.

Wingspan Wings of the Orient Complete Japanese Edition

Independence expansion with Asian birds added to that wingspan. Even if you don’t have a basic set, you can enjoy playing solo and with two people. Perhaps because it is based on two-player play, it is more annoying and the interaction element is stronger than the original house. I’m going to do a little bodge with Sashi! When it comes to that, I think it’s just a good bodge. I love crested ibis and cranes as Japan come out.

I can’t explain why I like this game, whether it’s because I like Area Majority, because I like Hekustyle, or because I like wooden frames. If I were to give up the explanation and express my impressions, I would say “Anyway, I really enjoyed playing solo!” It is a game that left a very strong impression on me because I was worried about resources and released a small tech tree, and the feeling (expressiveness) when the effects were connected and something was connected at once.

I’m sorry I still can’t explain how to do it mechanically, but I’ve been playing it repeatedly for a while, “What a super fun!”, What is this attraction? The competition for areas in multiplayer is also hot, and each character has asymmetrical abilities, so there’s a complexity that requires you to change your strategy. Just looking at the board after playing will make you feel happy.

There is no doubt that the apocalyptic sci-fi setting, which is the first step in the rebirth of life beyond the road of destruction, also touched the heart of the reclusive Ossan.

Earth Japanese Edition

Beautiful. Anyway, I fell in love with the beauty of Earth Japanese version. The reason why the fun of tableau building feels so condensed is that the theme rooted in nature of ecology and the effect of tableau overlap well. The pictures on the cards are beautiful, and you can play with nature from a global perspective, thinking that the earth is good.

How to arrange your hand on the tableau is more annoying than solo play, so it is also recommended for those who are not good at interference from other players. You can enjoy a very happy play of watching the beautiful cards spread out in your hand and loving the pieces that stretch out. The game ends in about an hour, but the appeal of Earth is that it has a strong feeling of “making me think carefully” for the time. It has become a premier price in the market, so resale is desired!

Darwin’s Journey Japanese Edition

Satisfying “intellectual curiosity” is one of the attractions of Bodge, and Darwin’s Journey traces the journey of scholars to satisfy their intellectual curiosity with Bodge. A fantasy about accompanying Darwin on his journey to investigate the Galapagos Islands. You can enjoy a troubled journey to overcome the many specimens found in various places and the many difficulties of researching and gaining fame. The artwork is full of astringency, as if it creates the atmosphere of that time.

You have to land on an island to investigate, you have to go to another island by boat, you have to collect specimens to produce research results, you need money to do anything, and it’s fun to choose what to choose from the means of obtaining VP scattered everywhere and what to give up, just like the survey team at that time. In order to bring out the deliciousness of action selection, the growth of workers is essential, and it is full of serious worries. But it’s also good that the balance is so bad that it’s hard to break down and drop out of the game early. It’s a fun game where you can feel the fun of choosing what route to score!

Bodge review for the first half of 2023

As with last year, it has been difficult to find time to play bodge, but in the first half of the year, I played solo play silently as a slight healing time. Before you know it, you can hardly play the lightweight class, and the reason why you are increasingly getting from intermediate to heavy weight may be because you don’t have to worry about the time you spend thinking about being alone. Also, the system that plays with the fun tends to leave because even if you put your hand out, you can’t take the time.

I was able to play interesting titles such as the Oranienburger Canal and Heat, which I did not cover this time, and although there are not many of them, I was able to get a title with few mistakes from January to June. While there are a lot of games to build, I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of bodge I can play in the second half of the year, but maybe because GWT1 was interesting, I also have a desire to pull from the shelf masterpieces that I haven’t played enough in the past.

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